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Farrow Law Office, West Plains, Missouri Attorney

The Farrow Law Office is located in West Plains, Missouri and represents clients throughout the area in family law matters, such as divorce and adoption, as well as criminal defense, traffic violations and river tickets. Attorney Rick Farrow is a Missouri native and has over 15 years of experience as a trial attorney. Call our office today for a free initial case consultation.

We represent clients in the following counties and cities

Howell, Oregon, Shannon, Carter, Ozark, Douglas, Wright and Texas
Municipal Courts and cities:
West Plains, Willow Springs, Mountain View, Eminence, Winona, Van Buren, Alton, Thayer, Mountain Grove, Cabool, Gainesville, Ava, Hartville, Houston.


Family Law & Divorce

We regularly represent clients in family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support and adoption. Going through many of these types of cases can be a very difficult time. Call us today to speak about your rights in any family law matter today.

Criminal Law

We have extensive experience in all phases of criminal law. Whether you have an upcoming probation violation hearing or a new misdemeanor or felony charge, we can offer a free consultation, sound advice and an aggressive defense.

Traffic Tickets

Our office would be happy to speak to you regarding a pending traffic ticket. We represent clients throughout the area and offer reasonable rates. It's not unusual for our office to make all appearances on your behalf, relieving you of the need to appear in court.

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